AdventureQuest 3D Gold Farming Guide (NEW)


Are you broke and need gold fast? Want that new shiny weapon or a whole set from Shadowskull Tower? Maybe like me, you want to buy something ridiculously over-priced item AE releases later, like a solid gold vault with nothing inside it? Well good thing for you is that this AdventureQuest 3D gold farming guide has all the answers.

So without any further delay let us get started with this AdventureQuest 3D guide.

AdventureQuest 3D Gold Farming Guide

Heartwood Area

Alright, this is the earliest place you can begin to farm for your gold. The monster in this area we are interested in is the Rabid Wolf, this beast can drop up to three different items used for crafting but the Wolf Pelt is what you are looking for. These items stack up to x3 and sell for 100g a piece. There are two places these monsters can spawn, one can spawn just outside the entrance of Livingstone Cavern (first picture) and the other can spawn to the left of The Voice of the Forest (second picture).

If you are around the same level as this monster you’ll have to either kite them with mage or get some friends to help you take it down. If you don’t see one or either monsters chances are a smaller wolf is takings its place, kill it.

Livingstone Cavern

Onto the next area we are going to have a look at Broodmothers found in Livingstone Cavern. These monsters are more tanky than what you’d find in Heartwood but have drops that are worth more gold. Broodmothers drop two items, but the Big Pebblar Shell is what’s going to bring you the gold. These shells stack up to x3 and bring in 150g a piece at shop. There are two places these monsters can spawn, one spawns in the open area close to the giant root that extends to the roof of the cave. The other one spawns between the two camps of the lone trollucks close to the back of the cave. Same rules apply like the Rabid Wolves, kiting works but can be more difficult in the cave and friends make everything easier of course (why not share the wealth with em’).

Doomwood Forest

Onto the next area of business, which happens to be the area after Livingstone Cavern (so convinient how it’s all in order right?). The monster you’ll want to hunt down here is an Enraged Wolf Spirit, he’ll drop an item worth more gold than the previous monster. The wolf can drop three items but the Enranged Spirit is the drop you want. You can stack these items upto x3, and they sell at 200g each.

Unfortunately, there is only one place this monster can spawn in the map, its location is right at the base of where the giant skeltons hand is. For higher levels it’s a simple task, but lower ones should be careful. Since there is only one on the entire map this isn’t a place I would use personally, but maybe you’ll like this method more than me.

Bone Cliffs

This is the last area that is not a dungeon that can be used to farm gold on. This monster is the area boss found is Bone Cliffs called GateWraith. It can only drop one item, Wraith Fire, which can stack to x3 and sells for 150g. If you want to fight this monster you’ll find it at the end of Bone Cliff area, which is where the entrance to Shadowskull Bridge is.

This is another area where kiting is possible if it’s a bit much for you. Considering its strength, and what its items sell for, farming the Broodmothers back in the cavern are an easier option.

Ashfall – The Slabs

Here you will have the option two farm two different kinds of enemies, groups of monsters or one of the three bosses found here. If you want to do this solo you can take on the Volcanic Hellhounds using war cry & whirlwind combo to damage them all at once; when the group is dead move onto the next and repeat. By the time you kill one group and then the next the first group should already have respawned so the wait time for is minimal when doing this method.

If you can get some friends to help this can go by much smoother and with less MANA/health loss. These guys can drop a few items, but the ones you want to grab are Cracked Stone and Dull Scale, these can stack up to x100 and have a sell price of 25g each. To fight one of the bosses here you will need a group in order to make it viable, doing it by yourself would take too long. The Warsworn boss has value items that can be sold, crafting components can be sold between 150-500g each while the sword drop can be sold for 400g.

Ashfall – Magma Mines

Steelfang lives here and is now another target for you while farming it out in Ashfall. Similar to the Warsworn bosses in The Slabs he has a few choice items you’ll want to pick up as they are dropped. Dull Scales and Dwarf Iron are the lesser items you can acquire and can be sold for 20-25g each. Higher value items such as Dragon Crests and the Excavator weapon can be for 200g or 300g a pop, and finally the flame essence can be sold for 500g though it is on the harder side to obtain as a drop.

Dage’s Challenge (Seasonal)

“The great Underworld Gold Forges give one last rumble as their fires finally grow cold…”

Gold drop from enemies have now been reduced to a more normal standard

To celebrates Dage’s Birthday a small area has been released that you can access by going to battle on and talking with the skeleton in front of the fountain (This will probably change later). This is one of the few areas that scales your level either up or down to 10 to balance out with the enemies, so you don’t have to worry about being under powered against the endless hordes of the legion. Even after the update, this area is still viable for gold farming assuming you have a minimum of two people with good gear. The smallest ones drop 3g per kill while the stronger ones drop 30g per kill. There’s also the Legion dragon that drops 600g when it is defeated, though this one takes the longest to re-spawn after being beaten. There are also items here as you should definitely pick up to sell even if you were originally there to farm for Legion items, or have already completed them. The first one is the Legion Dragon Sword which sells for an impressive 1000g, and is dropped by the Legion Dragon itself.

The Dark Skull (totally not related to the one in at Shadowskull Tower) is the next item, and it sells for 500g each. It can be stacked up to x6(?), you can get these from either the Legion Dragon, Legion Arcachnid, or the Legion Renegades. Dark Obsidian and Soul Fragments are similar Dark Smoke/Power/Magic crafting items you can find in Shadowskull Tower, though the Obsidian sells for 5g each rather than 1g; they can be sold when you die or back off from the onslaught of enemies at your convenience.

Dungeon Farming

For this section I’m going to list what items that are worth taking from certain dungeons if you happen to be in there or want to farm dungeons specifically.

Barrow Pass:

The boss at the end of this dungeon, Tovus the Bladedog, drops the Torn Quiver worth 100g each.

Snevlyn Wilds:

Two monsters here drop worthwhile items, The Aplha Maroon Frogzard drops a Leather Hide worth 100g and the boss drops a Dravir Hide worth 100g also.

Silverstone Mines:

Another two drops here are worth taking. The Subterrachne drops a Dark Spider Claw worth 150g and the Blightcrystal Bandit drops a Perfect Blightcrystal worth 100g.

Glowing Depths:

Now there is three items here useful for gold collecting. The Subterrachne makes a return with its claw, the Hollow Ixtis drops a Hard Shell worth 150g, and the Mud Lord drops Magical Mud worth 100g.

Screaming Woods:

Now we are back to pairs of two again. In this dungeon is a Dusk Wolf Brute that drops a Brutish Spirit worth 100g at shop, and the boss Bludroot drops two items. One is Heart of the Woods worth 100g and x2 Screaming Ingots worth 50g each.

Caves of Unrest:

Only the boss in this dungeon has anything worth selling for gold. He drops a Seer Eye when killed, and it can be sold for 150g each.

War Weapon Crypts:

There are three of these crypts, War Axe, Scytheblade, War Staff, and each have two items that can be farmed for gold. The Bone Spider drops Ancient Spider Silk worth 200g. Each crypt has its own weapon fragment, either Blazing, Venom, or Azure, and those will sell for 200g as well.

Shadowskull Tower:

There is one main item here worth taking from here and some others you should pick up along the way. As you kill enemies through the dungeon they will drop either Dark Power, Magic, or Smoke. While gathering items worth 1g seems like a waste of time the sheer number you can acquire in one run and be able to stack them to x999 makes it a viable option as you progress to the boss.

There are two ways of getting Dark Glowing Skulls in this dungeon, either killing a lesser boss (General Evenmor or TowerWraith) on your way to the top of the tower. Or killing one of the four final bosses after defeating the necroknight (Dark Slime Lord, Undead Dragon, Dark Warfiend, Dark Necrohencer). These skulls are worth 250g each and were proclaimed by many players as the best spot to farm gold if you have keys available.


While this method is heavily RNG based on what room you land in and whether it will contain a chest. It is still a great choice for lower level players or for those of you who seem to have no shortage of luck. You won’t need to worry about keys being used as the bank doesn’t use them at the time of writing (typing) this out. You only ever use the lowest dungeon possible (1 man) as the enemies are weakest and gold rewards do not scale upwards with harder versions. There is only two rooms you need to concern yourself with trying to land in.

If you don’t get it you can quickly do a copy & paste /join bank to take yourself out and re enter to try again. When you do find a room with a chest just smash it open, and you’ll be rewarded with 425g and a possibility to also find potions, peach fruit and even security badges.


Well, this is the end of the AdventureQuest 3D gold farming guide, for now at least. When there are more dungeons or areas released in the coming updates I will make changes to this guide accordingly and add in new information. If I did miss an area or dungeon that you believe to be worth mentioning please message me so I see if it is indeed worth adding.

Before you leave you should also check out Dragonheir Silent Gods Tier List that I just published.

Special thanks to Steam user “Drächen” for helping us complete this guide.

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