Roblox Anime Artifacts Simulator 2 Guide (NEW)


I have just noticed that there is absolutely no Anime Artifacts Simulator 2 guide that you can use to get an overview of the game. Anime Artifacts Simulator 2 is by far one of the most confusing games at the start that I have played. I’m sure a lot of you guys could agree with me that you were completely lost at the start of this game.

So it is the main reason that I have decided to write this guide on Anime Artifacts Simulator 2 in which I have answered some of the most commonly asked questions about the game. Besides this guide, I have also published the latest Anime Craft Simulator Trello board guide.

Without ado, let us get started with this Anime Artifacts Simulator 2 guide.

Anime Artifacts Simulator 2 Guide

Alan International Studio created Anime Artifacts Simulator 2 as a collection and battle experience for the Roblox platform. You will be gathering powerful artifacts throughout the game to use as weapons against various enemies from various anime universes. To become the best player in the world, try to collect the most powerful artifacts and explore every realm in the game.

How to farm gems in Anime Artifacts Simulator 2?

You got 4 ways of obtaining them and only 1 is grindable:

  • Daily Spins got 15% chance to get you 150 gems.
  • Achievements give gems, it’s still a good source of gems for starters even tho it’s limited.
  • If you open the loot chest from Wave 2 & 4 from any dungeon/event, you got around 95% of getting gems according to those chests, you can do it as long as you want/repeat it unless you claim chest from wave 6. (Zone 1-3 on the left side).
  • In infinity city (Zone 1-2 on the left side), If you clear any floor, every 5 floors you will be granted with some gems. The number of gems augments the higher floor you go.

What the purpose of the gems?

You can spend gems in 5 way at the moment:

  • Buying teleportation points for every zone, 200 gems each.
  • Buying more inventory space, don’t got over 500+, 50 per 100 gems, then that gem amount increase every time by 100 more.
  • Buying player upgrades such as health, movement speed, some luck, damage, etc. It can be very costly but obviously, it is worth it if you farm.
  • Buying another daily spin for 100 gems, I don’t know why you would want to do that, but it’s there at least.
  • Enchanting your sword.

How do I get Susanoo parts? / What is the boost on the bottom right of my screen?

You got 2 ways of getting them:

  • Buying 1 shard from the shop, it costs 1500 gems and got a daily reset.
  • Grinding it on dungeons. To do that, just go to any dungeon/event, and clear the wave 6. If you claim the chest, you will get a 8h cooldown as the form of a little chibi in the bottom left of your screen. In that chest you will have 100% chance of getting a Susanoo shard, and then the others % apply, so you can get extra rewards such as diamonds or swords.
  • Repeating the dungeon and still claiming Susanoo by glitching out is called an exploit, you will most likely be account reset, so don’t abuse it.

I’m stuck at a boss, how can I upgrade my power?

You got several ways to do it:

  • Upgrading your swords. You can level them up to 120. I recommend fusing on Zone 2-2 since it gives a lot of XP, and it’s not as expensive as opening in the 3d World for example. Or summoning on 2-3 of the mythical Richi & fusing the swords into your main sword to level it up.
  • Getting your skills to level max: 20 – Skills orbs will drop on the ground when you kill an enemy at an unknown probability, but usually it should be around 10% from personal grinding. Any mob can drop a skill, it will drop one out of the 4 skills of your 4 swords equipped : 2 on player, 2 on Susanoo.
  • All areas give the same, but there is actually a strategy on how to focus on only 1 skill to drop. You need to remove all swords, only equip the one you want to level up, but you need to be sure to one shot the mobs on the area you will be farming. Skills on the ground does not dispawn, they only do if you get disconnected from the server.
  • Enchant weapons to 1 or 2 stars to gain some extra power/DPS.
  • You can increase your “Skill Damage” by 3 ways : your player damage in total, skill & level of the sword & enchant/stars of the sword.

How does enchanting/starring works?

Enchanting is like an end game gameplay since it’s grindy:

To enchant a weapon you need to have some dupes of that sword. So for example if you want to star up a legendary sword from the first world such as “Kusanagi”, you will need more dupes of “Kusanagi” to upgrade it.

Each star on your sword will add approximately 19% more power, up to 97.1% for a maxed out sword.

  • Star 1 : 3 Dupes & 1k gems
  • Star 2 : 5 Dupes & 2k gems
  • Star 3 : 8 Dupes & 3k gems
  • Star 4 : 12 Dupes & 4k gems
  • Star 5 : 15 Dupes & 5k gems

So maxing out a sword will cost you 43 Dupes, 1 Original & 15k gems.

What sword should I farm?

If you’re not in the last zone, it usually happens that you got that question going through your mind. And there is 2 answer for this question, or more likely, 2 situations:

  • You want DPS: So you will try to go for the highest sword you can, the legendary from the last zone where you are, it will have the best DPS since each world the swords become stronger and stronger.
  • You want Skill Damage: You need to focus mythical mainly for that. “Kusanagi” would be a good replacement since it does the same Skill Damage as a good mythical, but the DPS is lower, obviously.
  • So for skill damage, you mainly need to focus 25s cooldown sword since those are the sword with the highest peak of damage per skill (up to damage x86 more than base damage).
  • Max level for any sword is 150 at the time.

That concludes the latest Anime Artifacts Simulator 2 guide. I’ll make sure to edit the guide when anything new will be added or changed in the game.

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