Beginner’s guide for Higan Eruthyll – Early Access (NEW)


Higan: Eruthyll is a game set in a story based on a planet called Eruthyll. It’s a 3D real-time strategy RPG Gacha game. In this game, you will experience Gacha with a different storyline and gameplay. The game is about smooth gameplay with 3D animations and fantastic combat visuals, with cutscenes that complement the story very well.

And the best part? The game doesn’t put a heavy strain on your phone to run with highly interactive graphics. The attention to detail of this game is mesmerizing. You can look at all the weapon characters up close and personal, and what the game will show you is what it means to have detail. The storytelling of this game is undoubtedly incredible, and to top it all off, the game heavily relies on the players’ strategies to progress throughout the game.

Every Gacha game is different. This article will help you prepare for the latest Higan: Eruthyll game and help you progress throughout with ease. The mechanics are similar to other games in the same genre. Still, the storyline, characters, and categories of abilities will undoubtedly impact how you play the game.

Battle System and Mechanics

The very first thing to cover about this game is its mechanics. You will feel at home if you come from other Gacha games with similar game plays.

For this game, it all ultimately depends on where you place your characters. Like Overwatch or similar games, it depends on where your teammates are positioned, except this is no FPS. You can select any players throughout the fight and change what they are focused on; for example, you can focus on one enemy to deal more damage and take them down faster or swap for your healing character to choose whom to heal. The strategies you plan will influence the game you play. There’s a wide array of techniques and strategies you can follow.

Higan Eruthyll Mechanics

While getting into any fight, you will see hexagons. Hexagons are where you position your characters based on your strategy. Placing your characters in these hexagons will give your character a buff. You build up abilities throughout the fight while in these hexagons.

Fighting in this game is entirely auto-attack, but you still have to strategize and time your counters. However, the selection of characters is a must. The first step to winning every game is determining what character you will play and how you plan to tackle the enemy. You may have a preferred playstyle or a set of play styles based on a given situation, but there are a few characters that you must add to the lineup to bump up your chances of winning. Tank and heal characters are the two must-haves of this game. They will protect you from taking extra damage.

The game is about strategic gameplay where you put your characters and which abilities you use in a given situation matter. Each character provides a unique set of abilities. Abilities cost energy, so use them carefully.

Hexagon and Range

Higan Eruthyll hexagon

Hexagons are more than the buff ability you get out of these characters. It’s a rough measurement of the distance your characters can cover. AOE is certainly important in this game when you’re trying to deal damage or heal a character taking damage. The range is something that you need to understand. Additionally, the tiles will give away the rough measurement of your characters’ range.

The Red Beacon

Higan Eruthyll enemies

Enemies with a red beacon on top of their heads are someone you need to prioritize killing first. That character is critical to deal with because it can inflict damage on your team, wiping you out instantly. In this case, pick an assassin with the power of teleportation. While also you must focus on healing that assassin on a priority basis.

Character and Lineup guide

The ultimate guide to winning this game is to build a lineup that consistently defeats enemies. That doesn’t mean you can’t switch up. This game is all about adapting based on the situation. The first step to winning is that you know your character. There’s no shortage of that, considering there are about 20 characters, and you get access to six classes of characters.

  • Adiutrix
  • Assassin
  • Caster
  • Guardian
  • Hoplite
  • Ranger

You have to mix and match between these types to adjust to your enemies and your battle plan. Although, you wouldn’t get access to other characters at first. All you have to do is complete your daily/weekly missions, clear achievements, and stories to get access to Starlight Revelations.

Leveling up characters and weapons

Higan: Eruthyll is a game where you level up your characters, their abilities, and the weapons they equip. Upgrading your roster will help you clear up missions faster and help you earn more points.

Upgrade your characters

Every chance you get to use inspiration materials, use them to upgrade your characters. You must be wondering whom you should consider before upgrading. Upgrading Kloar, Screamer, Sirslet, Gyldan, Eluya will pay off in the long run. I chose these characters based on their S-tier status.

Upgrade your weapons

Higan Eruthyll character upgrade

Your characters will need to reach a certain level to be able to upgrade your weapons. An upgraded weapon is like adding extra damage to your fights. The significance of the upgrade will be gradual.

Skills and ultimates

Higan Eruthyll ultimates

Character and combat techniques are two attributes you can upgrade. Damage infliction, healing ability, and buff during battle will be significantly impacted due to this upgrade.

With access to this Higan Eruthyll guide, I’m sure you’ll be ready to conquer a new world of adventures in the game.

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