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In today’s guide, I have created a new Roblox Booga Booga Reborn tier list of all the Mojo’s.

In Booga Booga Reborn, you will need to survive as a cave person in a land full of hazards and deadly wild animals until you reach the status of an apex predator. Other players in the game can raid you and steal your resources, so invite your friends to join you in this game and form a formidable tribe.

Booga Booga Reborn Tier List

Here is the S tier Mojo’s:-

  • God Pickaxe – It does total 50 damage to opponents.
  • God Hut – It costs 1 Mojo.
  • Oof Horn – It costs 1 Mojo.
  • Shelly Freind – Costs 1 Mojo and occasionally drops ores.

Here is the A tier Mojo’s:-

  • Water Walker – It costs 1 Mojo, and it is the best starter Mojo item and best overall worth.
  • God Axe – It does a damage count of 50 to opponents.
  • God Rock – It does 75 damage.

Here is the B tier Mojo’s:-

  • God Bag – It costs 1 Mojo.
  • God Chestplate – It costs 1 Mojo.
  • God Halo – It costs 1 Mojo.
  • Pumpkins – Can be unlocked bye getting 10/25 Pumpkins in the void.
  • Spider Pet – Can be unlocked when collecting 25/25 Pumpkins in the void.

Here is the C tier Mojo’s:-

  • Infinity Chest – It costs 1 Mojo and gives 10 of each ore.
  • God Legs – It costs 1 Mojo.
  • Survivalist – It costs 2 Mojo.

I finally conclude this Mojo Booga Booga Reborn tier list. If you love similar type of Roblox games then you will definitely love checking out the Roblox section of my website. I have also created the latest School of Hierarchy Tier List that you should see.

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