Key Simulator X Trello & Discord Server Link


In this guide you will find the official Roblox Key Simulator X Trello and Discord server links. You will find a wealth of helpful tips, character guide, tier list, and promotional codes on the Trello page and Discord channel. If you play Roblox games like Key Simulator X and are interested in learning more about the game then Trello and Discord is a good start.

Key Simulator X is developed by Kajavob Studio for the Roblox platform. You must unlock several chests in this game to get cash and gems. When you’ve opened a couple, try to upgrade your key, so you can unlock more and more expensive chests. To strive and become the world’s greatest key keeper, fuse your keys and open new realms to explore.

That being said, let me show you the Key Simulator X Trello & Discord links in this guide.

Key Simulator X Trello

In the list below we have added the Key Simulator X Trello board link. There’s no need to worry if you did not find the Trello board of Key Simulator X anywhere else because you will find the link right here on our website.

  • As of now the Trello board for Key Simulator X is not available.

However, we are actively in touch with the developers. So, we will update this section with the latest Trello link soon.

Key Simulator X Discord

Since it is a free software the Roblox players as well as developers find it to be quite appealing. To stay up to date on everything going in the Key Simulator X game, it’s a good idea to join the official Discord server.

Key Simulator X Latest Update

Note: In the new update you only keep weapons from shops when you rebirth!


  • Event Area
  • Event Keys
  • Galaxy Chest Balance
  • New Gem Upgrades
  • New Token Upgrades
  • Event Currency (Treats)
  • Treat Shop
  • Storage Gamepasses
  • +MORE

You now have all the information you require to find the official Key Simulator X Trello and Discord server. For more amazing content from other Roblox games, be sure to visit our website’s Roblox section. We have just published the new Anime Craft Simulator Trello, Cake Factory Tycoon Codes list.

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