Naica Reborn Beginner Guide – Walkthrough


Great news for role-play game lovers as Naica is here with a new version. Naica Reborn is a new cool update of the original game with super cool updates and changes.

Naica Reborn is a multiplayer online role-playing game where you will be able to enjoy a new world. Lazul is the world where you will have to embody a character of your choice. You will have the option to choose your class from the top left of the screen. You can play as Warrior, Mage, or Barbarian. There are also new enemies waiting for you in the world of Lazul.

Here is everything that you need to know in Naica Reborn beginner guide.

Naica Reborn Beginner Guide

According to the game’s developers, some new characters and enemies are yet to come. You will have the luxury to use these characters in coming updates.

Naica Reborn is a fun game with super cool features. You can upgrade your accessories by different methods. You can upgrade your weapons and equipment. If you are lucky you will find the equipment that suits you. You can also improve your equipment by crafting. Grow stronger and stronger by these improvements to access more features and bigger challenges. You can reach the max level by upgrading your gear, class, and rank. A dungeon system is soon to be introduced that will help you gain better rewards and tackle higher challenges.

Different class characters have different abilities and gameplay. You will have to play according to the gameplay and strengths of your characters.

Here is a brief overview of different abilities of the characters:

  • Warrior is a quick and agile character. It is the master of swordsmanship. You can strike as well as slash with this class character.
  • Mage has magical powers that help it to attack the enemies from a distance. It has the magical powers of fire cone and nova.
  • Barbarian has a resistance bonus. It is a giant character, and can give slow but powerful blows.
  • Its strike actions are similar to Warrior which are strike and slash.


The graphics are simple yet cool. You can enjoy the game once you get into the characters. The world of Lazul will make you its inhabitant. The character you embody will give you a place to occupy this imaginary world where you can enjoy the special features of that character. The world of Lazul is big, and it will continue to expand with the updates. Navigate the world through mounts.

You can Log In through your Google account, Discord account, or Facebook account to play this game and all your progress and information will be saved through your signed-in account. It is an online game that can only be played with an active internet connection. As it is a multiplayer game you will have the option to play with other players across the globe. You can chat with them and also create groups with them. It is a nice move to play as a team when you are facing an enemy that is much more powerful than you.

Now, let’s talk about the features that are soon expected to be added:

  • Having a pet as your companion is a fantasy for many players. Soon, you will have the choice of choosing a pet as your partner in your adventures.
  • Players versus players battles are an important feature of MMORPG and developers are working to make these battles possible as soon as they can.

Naica has identified the mistakes that they made in the first version, and now they are back with this epic new version, which is equipped with new features and aims at providing a pleasant and intense play-time to the adventurers.

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