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In this guide I have updated the official Roblox Project MW Trello board, and Discord server invite links. You will find a wealth of helpful tips, character guide, tier list, and promotional codes on the game’s Trello board and Discord channel. If you play Project MW and are interested in learning more about the game Trello and Discord is a good place to start.

Project MW is created by “RetroBite” for the Roblox platform. In this game you create your own character and then head to the city to fight with mobs and bosses. You spawn in with a unique race and ability with a tier scale, and you can use these abilities for PvP. Whilst you fight different mobs you can also find rare items along the map which can be stored into your inventory and used for a later purposes. You’ll be able to find items such as titles, objects, power boosts too which you can use and gain your own title above your name and on the leaderboard such as “Demon Lord” etc.

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Project MW Trello Board

In the list below I have added the official Project MW Trello board link. There’s no need to worry if you did not find the Trello board of Project MW anywhere else because you will find the Trello right here on my website.

If you encounter any issues that are not included on the Trello board, please contact the support on the Discord and submit a ticket.

Project MW Discord Server

Since it is a free software the Roblox players as well as developers find it to be quite appealing. To stay up to date on everything going in the Project MW game, you should join the official Discord server.

Visit the Roblox section of my website for even more good stuff on various other games.

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