Revelation Infinite Journey Tier List Wiki (2022)


Welcome to the new Revelation Infinite Journey tier list. It is a ranking system that allows you to see which characters are considered the best in the game. I have created this tier list for you to quickly compare the rankings of each character and make informed decisions about which ones to use in play.

In Revelation game, you roam around various locations and battle powerful enemies. The game involves completing quests and going on an adventurous journey. One exciting aspect of the game is the battles that you can engage in as you explore the world. Therefore, you should carefully choose the characters to use in the game to maximize the chances of success.

So, let’s get started.

Revelation Infinite Journey Tier List Wiki

Revelation Infinite Journey tier list will be divided into four tiers, with each tier representing a different level of strength of characters. The top tier will consist of the most powerful and effective options in the game, while the bottom tier will consist of the weakest and least effective options.

S Tier

Here I have kept all the best characters in the Revelation Infinite Journey game. Characters in the “S tier” are often characterized by a strong balance of offense and defense, high damage output, strong utility, or other key advantages that make them formidable in a variety of situations.

A Tier

The “A tier” of this tier list consists of characters with good damage output and mobility, but with slightly lower defense or range compared to the “S tier” characters. Here I have kept all the second-best characters in the game.

B Tier

The “B tier” consists of characters that are average or mediocre in terms of strength and effectiveness. These options may have some useful abilities or features, but they are regularly outclassed by stronger options in the A and B tiers.

C Tier

The “C tier” of this Revelation Infinite Journey tier list is a good place to look for characters that are not recommended for use in competitive play. They are generally not worth considering unless you are just starting out and have limited options available to you.

How do I create this tier list?

There are several steps that I followed to create this character tier list:

  • Information Gathering: I started by collecting as much information as possible about the Revelation Infinite Journey game and its different elements. This can include reading through the game’s rules and mechanics and testing different characters in the game.
  • Evaluate the options: Once I had a good understanding of the game, I evaluated the different options available based on their strength, effectiveness, and overall utility in PVP & PVE situations.
  • Share and update: Finally, I have shared this Revelation Infinite Journey tier list with others and solicited their feedback and opinions.

Want to share your own feedback or tier list? Kindly do so in the comment box below.

I am always updating the character rankings as per your feedback and suggestions.

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