Best Santa Hog Rider Challenge Deck in Clash Royale


Hey what’s up guys, I am crushing opponents with this best Santa Hog Rider challenge deck in Clash Royale. This deck is deadly with Firecracker and Bowler being the best cards for bouncebacks. If you also want to cruise through the Santa Hog Rider challenge then read this guide till the end.

Without ado, let’s get started with this Clash Royale guide.

Best Santa Hog Rider Challenge Deck in Clash Royale

Best Clash Royale Santa Hog Rider Challenge Deck


Firecracker and Snowball are unbelievably the most toxic cards in this deck. Whenever your opponent tries to attack the Boulder, the Snowball will bounce them back and if they try to get too close the Firecracker is just going to blast them away. Firecracker is such an obnoxious card, people will be going for arrows on top of that or your Skeleton Army.

And when they see Hog Rider they’re better going to think that’s the only win condition. But the best part is when the Goblin Barrel bounces out of its Barrel onto the Tower you’ll have a ton of power without their arrows or small spells. There’s not much your opponent can do, and after you defend with your Bowler and Firecracker it’s pretty easy to build up big counter pushes.

If they drop anything to counter your Hog Rider you’re going to be able to splash onto their Tower at the exact same time. This definitely is one of the most fun Hog Rider decks in the entire game.

Which is the best card in this deck?

Goblin Barrel is arguably the game-changing card in this Santa Hog Rider challenge deck. It is no buildings or anything that requires precise placements all you have to know is when your opponent’s down on elixir. You spam them, and you take their tower if you can get your opponent to waste their log on top of the Skeleton Army or Firecracker. Then you go from your Goblin Barrel with a Hog Rider and deal devastating damage.

Because you’re always on offense pressuring your opponents with a Firecracker at the river, a lot of times they’re gonna slip up and make a mistake. When they do, you’ll power through with the Goblin Barrel and punish them immediately.

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