Sword Art Online Variant Showdown Tier List


You can choose the best characters in the game by going through this Sword Art Online Variant Showdown tier list. Depending on the efficiency and usefulness in battle this tier list ranks all the characters from best to worst.

In Sword Art Online Variant Showdown, there are a number of characters, each of which has its own own powers, attributes, and abilities. So, to make it easy for you to choose I have created this best character tier list in Sword Art Online VS game.

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Sword Art Online Variant Showdown Tier List

This tier list is divided into four categories starting from SS tier to B tier. The characters in the SS tier are the strongest and characters in the B tier are the worst.

Sword Art Online VS – SS Tier

  • Krito – Tier SS
  • Asuna – Tier SS

Sword Art Online VS – S Tier

  • Lisbeth – Tier S

Sword Art Online VS – A Tier

  • Sillica – Tier A

Sword Art Online VS – B Tier

  • Leafa – Tier B

With the last and final B tier character I complete this Sword Art Online VS tier list. Stay tuned for more updates, tier list, and Sword Art Online VS guide in the future.

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